Multi-purpose service spray for bicycles. A multi-purpose lubricant that penetrates through rust and corrosion, displaces water and cleans away scale and dirt. CRC Bike Oil is based on a paraffin oil and a multiple organic inhibitor system that prevents rust and corrosion by forming a continuous protection barrier against water and oxygen.

  • Penetrates quickly, even into the finest pores and cracks of the surface.

  • Lubricates and restores smooth action.

  • Displaces moisture, especially after cleaning parts with water.

  • Loosens rusted parts and makes them work again.

  • Stops annoying squeaks.

  • Leaves a thin film that protects metals from corrosion induced by humidity and other corrosive atmospheres.

  • Easy repair by eliminating the need for disassembly.

  • Compatible with O-ring chains.

  • Safe for all metals and alloys.

  • Safe on painted surfaces, coatings, plastics and rubbers (if in doubt, test prior to use).

  • Aerosols are equipped with the 360° (upside-down) spray valve and extension tube for added convenience.

  • Aerosols are pressurised with non-flammable CO2 propellant, giving an active product content of over 95% (i.e. over 30% more than typical hydrocarbon propelled products).