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TEXA was formed in 1992 by its current CEO, Bruno Vianello and Manuele Cavalli. Today TEXA is a global leader in the design, development and production of multibrand diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers, air conditioning recharge stations and telediagnostic devices for cars, bikes, trucks, boats and farm machinery.TEXA has an extensive, worldwide distribution network and employs more than 730 people, 600 of whom are based in the company’s head offices in Monastier di Treviso, where all TEXA products are designed, developed and made. TEXA’s ultra-modern production plant occupies over 100,000 square metres of grounds, with 30,000 square metres indoors. The new plant is a monument against delocalisation and the depersonalisation of labour. Side by side with advanced work environments it contains social and relaxation areas constructed according to local architecture and traditions.

Η Tecnopneumatic εκπροσωπεί στην Ελλάδα τα μηχανήματα της ΤΕΧΑ, τόσο εμπορικά ως εισαγωγέας, αλλά κυρίως παρέχει στους πελάτες της άμεση τεχνική υποστήριξη, τόσο σε προϊοντικά θέματα, όσο και σε εκπαίδευση για τη χρήση τους, αλλά και τις ίδιες τις εργασίες διάγνωσης, επί τόπου ή απομακρυσμένα


TEXA holds the prestigious IATF 16949 certification, specific for automotive original equipment manufacturers, and was able to adapt its business processes in order to make them also in compliance with the VDA 6.3 standard, the method adopted by the main vehicle manufacturers regarding the design, development, production and after-sales support of products intended for them.The complete area in which the production and processing phases are carried out was certified as an E.P.A. (Electrostatic-Protected Area) in compliance with the IEC EN 61340 regulations that set the criteria for the protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena.TEXA also earned the ISO/IEC 7001 certification proving its close attention to the protection of the information and data acquired from the single vehicles and managed for its customers. To ensure the widest protection in this area, TEXA has obtained the TISAX certification, a very strict standard applied by German car manufacturers.


Emission Analysis

The news 4ης generation ultra-modern coolant control and filling machines AC (Freon) of TEXAyou can get them from TecnopneumaticAE. The line Comfort 700 includes filling machines for cooling liquids R134a, R1234yf and R744 while there are also machines that can be used for both coolants (R134a, R1234yf). Also, the range of models covers all types of cars, such as Passenger, Off-Road, Trucks and Buses. The major car manufacturers have selected and recommended its machines TEXA for their cars, while networks of authorized garages of large brands in Greece, have selected the respective machines, but also the Technical assistance of Tecnopneumatic AE for their service.   

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Air2san TEXA

AIR2 SAN is the alone disinfectant device
for the automotive market, which guarantees the right air quality before returning the vehicle to the customer.